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Refugees in Serbia

Serbia is a country that has confronted refugee crises during its wars in this region of Europe during its history. The refugee crisis triggered by the war in Syria has sparked the largest movement of the population in contemporary history. These are the largest migrations since the Second World War, which sufficiently speaks about the seriousness of the situation in which the society is located.

At present, there are 18 reception and asylum centers receiving refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. More than 50% of refugees and migrants are children.

The Refugee Foundation provides activities of non-formal education and support in formal education for refugees. We try to make our society in these difficult conditions better for all people who are part of it.

Refugee centers (camps) in Serbia

Getting ready for school

We started our work in the refugee camp in Pirot in April 2017. The camp, currently hosting 200 refugees, 100 of them minors, is a reception center with a child-friendly space. We organize informal educational and entertainment activities five days a week, such as creative workshops, playing games, screening cartoons, sports activities, etc. We also provide English and Serbian lessons, in addition to mathematics and geography, computer literacy and IT classes. English and IT classes are accessible to adults as well. Soon, we will start organizing events that will involve local children meeting refugee children.

The lectures are held in the computer lab, where students have access to 20 computers. A typical lesson consists of 120 minutes. In the first hour, the students are given a certain task and they have 60 minutes to execute the task using computers. Tasks include either writing sentences in English or researching a certain topic, so that they could practice English as well as learn how to use a computer. The second 60 minutes are meant to be leisure time when students can browse the web freely.

First day of school for the kids in Pirot

I am a cyclist!

With the support of Help Refugees, Refugees Foundation has managed to provide 18 bicycles for the reception center. Once a week we are organizing a bike field trip with refugees that ends with a picnic. We are also conducting day-to-day workshops to help refugees learn how to ride bicycles.


Taking a break after a steep climb

Old projects

What was the Daily Center?

Daily Center was a project initiated by the Refugees Foundation with the goal of providing refugees with a space in which they can find temporary shelter, as well as participate in the cultural and educational programmes that the Refugees Foundation has prepared for them.

Here are some of the diverse activities that visitors of the Daily Center can engage in:
- Reading books, newspapers, and comics.
- Watching movies, cartoons, shows and listening to music.
- Play games such as chess, table tennis, cards, dominoes etc.
- Use the internet to stay in touch with their families, and find information that concerns them and their migration,
- Meet the locals and get familiar with our culture and customs, as well share their stories,
- Learn new skills and gain valuable information that will help them more easily be integrated into European countries, so that they become productive members of those economies.


We envision the Daily Center not just as a space for refugees to gain knowledge and information - we are happy to welcome all knowledge lovers and seekers to come to the Daily center and participate in the talks, presentations and workshops that we will host.

For more information on the events taking place in the Daily Center, visit this page

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